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my job is making me even more bitter. i’m struggling hard as fck rn- just broke my phone and have no internet atm, therefore haven’t had a convo with someone in three weeks (outside of work and a despondent mom), dealing with weird shit at home, wondering if i should go back on anti-depressants or if i’m just have a bad month…. feel stuck as hell bc i literally can’t move out without being worse off financially then now……all while rich bishes will drop 500$ on bi-weekly groceries adjsfjhdjfhdj. scrambled thoughts brought to you by this hot mess.

#its not my business and thats their blessing blah blah but it does make me angry at everything ngl
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Drake dancing with girls at Saratoga Springs DVSLW concert.

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"Kleider", Marie Claire Germany, March 1993Photographer: Friedmann HaussModel: Rebecca Romijn

"Kleider", Marie Claire Germany, March 1993
Photographer: Friedmann Hauss
Model: Rebecca Romijn

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@niazkilam: #longhair

@niazkilam: #longhair

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#Balotelli suspected of five-figure donation to dogs’ home

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Katt Williams on Dave Chappelle: “But Dave Chappelle was decapitated in front of us. And until we deal that. Until we deal with the fact that a devout Muslim was accused of being a crackhead. And until we establish the fact that they said he went to Africa to smoke cocaine when we know they don’t have running water and food over there. When they don’t have paved roads over there. You saying he flew past Chicago and Miami and LA and New York and Detroit, you saying he went past Cleveland and Fort Pierce, Florida, and he went past Okeechobee and Oakland, you saying he went all the way to another country where they not eating? You talking about somebody who has a wife and children, five children, and lives on a farm, he doesn’t live here in Hollywood. You saying you convince people that person was an insane crackhead? And he hasn’t been on movies and TV for eight years is that correct? Ok then don’t tell me about what you wanna tell me, I just watched you decapitate him in front of me… Then when he made 500 million dollars, even though his contract said he was supposed to get half of it, they said he made too much for the contract to be valid, so we’ll offer you 10% of what you made. You mean he made 500 million and they offered him 50? Yes. And he said, “what do you think my fans are gonna say? When they find out you offered me 10% of what I made you.” And they said, “your fans will believe that you’re a crazy crackhead by the time you get home.” And my nigga got on a flight in LA and by the time he got to Ohio it was so. And eight years later he hasn’t been in a movie or television and is just now trying to do his real comeback in Radio City Music Hall. It’s bees like that sometimes.”