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why white boys end every sentence they type with haha??

to be honest i find it weirder that black people often just dont use verbs

slang is an actual type of language that people (not just black) use. that unnecessary, uneasy creep ass laugh at the end of every thing y’all type is a defense mechanism, so if you slip up you can claim it was a joke. grow some nuts and get some conviction u lil weak bitch. 

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*teacher voice* tonight’s homework is to get laid

*fails class*

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if you see someone saying “black people’s lives matter” and your reaction is “everyone matters” “why not all people” unfollow me like there is no way people are genuinely this dense it is so easy to understand why those comments are completely inappropriate especially in the fucking context of current events what the fuck is wrong with you people

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did they gas the kkk when they were marching

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Sir Patrick Stewart being flawless and James McAvoy laughing his ass off

All I see is Charles making fun of Magneto.

A freaky out of body experience

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hey sorry im late i didnt want to come

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photographed by Danielle Suzanne for Indie Mag

photographed by Danielle Suzanne for Indie Mag

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